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Data Freedom

Your path to clean data starts now.

Often unstructured, misinterpreted and clearly wrong. Data is the reason why Nokia, Theranos and Kodak went out of the tech race. We believe we can do something about preventing the next one.






Digital Acquisition

From traditional digital to advanced segmentation, it all adss up.

Search engines drive 51% of the internet traffic and they play a big role in the success of any digital product. We are serious about search and passionate about the experiences they provide. It all adds up to expertise, digital authority and public trust.
Reduce the reliance on paid media is a responsible decision and adds clarity to your business success. It all adds up to how to close the gaps between brand, consumer and digital marketing.
User journeys generate different experiences, it's complicated and it's delicious. It all adds up to how data tells stories and how you can turn it into business decisions.
Event tracking has changed how we look at data and with what we know now, there's no looking back at different siloed digital strategies. It all adds up to a good CDP and trained digital hands to elevate your brand.
Communication is a product differentiator that connects good users from good experiences. CRM is the core of the digital lifecycle and it all adds up to how we extract, interact and push events between platforms.
Digital Experience

The NOW experience.

Customer Data Platforms evaluation, use cases and costs consultancy services.





Digital Services Portfolio

Some of the brands I've worked closely with

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